Dog Selection

Some clients may have their own dog. Any dog that a client has would be evaluated to ensure the dog has the right temperament to be a service dog.

Breed does not matter; the temperament is what counts.

The dog must be no older than three and no smaller than 20″ tall.

Clients will not be able to take their service dog into the public until they reach the point in training that their trainer ascertains their readiness. The client will then get their vest.

This is not a game. If you or your dog can’t be a reflection of our agency, you will not receive our certification. Your dog will be removed from your care if s/he is registered to Dogs & Tags, and you may be dismissed from the program.

Dog selection

The dog must want to be with people.
The dog can be active but not uncontrollable.
The dog must have the desire to please their person.
The dog must be responsive to clicker training.
The dog must be between one and two years of age.
The dog must be no smaller than 20″ tall.
The dog must be healthy.

Pairing the dog with the client

The dog must show some interest in the client.
The dog must have appropriate energy level for the client.
The client must feel some connection with the dog.
The trainer and the client must agree that the dog is appropriate for the client.
The client will have no less than three dogs from which to choose. If the appropriate dog is not found during the first selection, the client will wait for us to get more dogs and the selection process will start again.